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When we work together on a project, you will gain an understanding of organizing principles.  You can also give me the details of what you want and I can meet your goal.
Areas of service include, but are not limited to: Kitchens, Garages, Basements, Closets, Offices, and businesses. 

Kitchens: We can look at cabinets and pantries to have the items used most easily accessible.

Garages: We can organize the garage by it's uses. Is there a work area, storage and of course a car spot as well?

Basements: This room can have many uses and we can make it work for them all. Is it a family room, work out area and is there any storage?

ClosetsClosets have many uses. We will determine the main uses, and if anything should really be organized in another location.

Offices: Offices should be organized by what you use everyday and what is used on occasion. Also they should be set up so you can enjoy your office, as well as work there.

Businesses: We can work together to organize storage space, offices, or to complete a work flow project.
When your project is complete, I will be happy to help you decide what to do with things you no longer want. Donations is a great way to go.  You get to help out a charity and we can itemize so you can have a list for tax purposes.
It all starts with an assessment. 
Call today.  970-396-8227
Moving: Let me help make your moving experience more pleasant. I can help with the pack and unpack of your move. When done the house will be unpacked and organized!!
Other areas: Pantries, Storage Units, and so much more.